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Redefining Quality Home Inspections

Trust GMS Home Inspections Atlanta for your next home inspection in Metro Atlanta. Certified Property Inspectors (CPI) and a member of the International Association of Home Inspectors, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a quality inspection – using our vast home knowledge so you can rest easy knowing where it is your home stands.

We’re also certified HVAC Technicians and Installers and certified electricians, and can perform basic maintenance and repairs on your home, if needed.

Don’t Make Costly Mistakes

Buying a home is the smartest financial decision you’ll ever make. In fact, many American and Canadian homeowners would be broke at retirement if it weren’t for the equity in their home. That’s why it’s important not to make the following mistakes:

•Thinking You Can’t Afford It         • Not Hiring a Buyer’s Agent         • Getting a Cheap Inspection

Trust us. We know what we’re talking about!       

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